Learn these 15 foods by heart if you want to follow the ketogenic diet the right way!

Thinking about diet? Then definitely ketogenic diet, being a popular choice of diet for effective weight loss, has become your go-to diet choice.

Want to start the diet but still confused about what fits in this diet? What to eat to make ketogenic diet a success?

Don’t worry, we have got you covered.

In this article, we have made a detailed list of the staple of ketogenic diet that will help you achieve your goal successfully.

This high fat – moderate protein – low carb diet is not all that complex really. The simple thing is to remember to avoid carbs as much as possible and incorporate as much healthy fats in your diet as possible. That’s it and you are sorted.

The success of the ketogenic diet depends on how much you know your food i.e., the perfect balance to increase your daily fat content and keep your carbs to a minimum.

List of 15 Foods for the KETO Diet

For this, we have made a list of all the foods that you should incorporate into your daily diet to follow an effective ketogenic diet and reap all its benefits.

These are the 15 foods that every person following a ketogenic diet swears by:

1Fatty fish and shellfish

Fish and shellfish are the best keto-friendly choice. Salmon, herring and mackerel and fatty fish are rich in many vitamins, potassium and most importantly omega-3 fats with very little carbohydrate content. Omega-3 fats plays an important role in helping people with obesity and overweight.

Some shellfish like shrimps and crabs can also account to great keto foods as it doesn’t contain any carbs.

Also, more consumption of fish on a regular basis is considered to be very healthy for the body as they help in improving cognitive health and decrease the risk of many diseases.